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Our team of experienced painters embody the perfect blend of mastery, honed through years of apprenticeship, innovative techniques, and meticulous processes with a flair of creativity.

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A heritage of mastery and excellence.

I am Louis Gloria, the President and founder of Louis Gloria Painting LLC, I have become a Master of my craft with 50 years of experience. I honed my skills as an apprentice to an Italian Master Painter, my mentor and father, Archilao Gloria. Archilao’s artistry adorns La Chiesa di San Francesco d’ Assisi in Agrigento, Italy. I worked alongside my father for years in Manhattan high rises and Hampton Bay Estates, collaborating with some of the most famous designers of their day: Mark Hampton, Mario Buatta, Samuel Botero, Jay Spectre, Ruben de Saavedra and for the most esteemed New York families. I landed in Dallas, Texas in 1983. In the years to come, my tutelage under the watchful eye of the Master would prove invaluable. 

I believe there are no shortcuts to the Mastery of anything, even in these days of remarkable technological advances. It takes years of work, repetition and patience. One shortcut that I am willing to acknowledge is that of having a great mentor. My father was the best I’ve ever seen. I strive to be that type of mentor, teacher, and example to my team members today. 
In today’s world of instant gratification the tediousness of an apprenticeship process is oftentimes dismissed as unnecessary, but the mastery of anything is achieved only after years of experience, practice, study, and execution. 
In time one develops an ability of seeing and sensing things that are simply invisible to the inexperienced person. 

We at Louis Gloria Painting LLC wholeheartedly believe that the finest Masters are a result of the work that they put into their apprenticeship as well as the wisdom of the Master who guides and directs their efforts.
The goal of our apprenticeship process is to transform a young person who has chosen painting as their career path: 

  • They typically begin with naivete

  • They lack the necessary skills

  • They are a bit impatient as most young people are and essentially they are going to transform all of these qualities into someone who is skilled, who is realistic, who thoroughly understands the nature of their craft, and learns the rules and boundaries that govern this field of work. 

Along the way, they will eventually develop patience and a solid work ethic.

For hundreds of years Master painters have been devising paths toward success with specific procedures, techniques and skills. These are the practices that have been passed through tradition. The apprentice will immerse and submit themselves to those age-old rules and ways until they become a Master, who is eventually going to re-write those rules just like all Masters do. We create a work environment where one has the maximum opportunity to learn, progress, hone and perfect their skills.

They learn to command different techniques and styles along the basic skills to a point where they will bend , re-shape and combine in a completely unprecedented way that is uniquely personal, innovative and different.
This begins to give birth to the creativity of a young mind. 
The common notion of creativity is that it is spontaneous, unintentional, free and natural. That if to be creative requires work and effort that it spoils the effect. 


We believe differently. We believe that when one of our young apprentices has entered into this career path, which he believes to be his life task, they enter into an apprenticeship process. They learn as deeply as they can; observing the rules, styles, techniques, and practices, etc. They slowly, in time, begin to develop the confidence to experiment with these observations and new-born skills. It is at this phase of their career where they have assimilated so much information that they have a natural awakening of creative energy and passion. They start to associate things and connect things that had never been connected before because it was fed into their minds and souls for years and years. Through this very process I have become a Master Painter.

It is with this Methodology that the new age of Masters has developed here at Louis Gloria Painting. My daughter Carolina, my son Zachary, my son-in-law Victor and our team leaders will continue the methods and momentum started by my father and the Masters before him. Developing new styles, reshaping standards and procedures, continually stretching the boundaries of innovation and creativity. Together we will continue to keep the legacy of the Old Paint Master alive!



  • Interior/ Exterior Painting
  • Furniture Finishes
  • Liming Finishes
  • Specialty Wall & Cabinetry Finishes
  • Garage Epoxy
  • Fine Paints of Europe Finishes
Luxurious Hotel Room
  • Automotive Finishes
  • Lime-wash Paints
  • Italian Lime Plasters


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We are thrilled to be named one of the 2023 Faces of Design! A big thank you to Benjamin Moore and Luxe Magazine for this feature celebrating impactful design, craftsmanship, and true collaboration between designers and painters.


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Premier painting company in the DFW Area offering: Residential interior and exterior painting, furniture finishes, Venetian plaster, faux finishes.

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